• PREMIERE: December 2018

    Sorry for the long delay but we had some financial problems to continue the documentary but now we are very close to finish. We are waiting to have the last interview and then we will finish editing the documentary. In total we have 20 interviews, and maybe we can finish with 23 or 24. We
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  • Scientific advisor

    We have good news, our Organisation have a new Scientific Advisor. His name is Marco Antonio and is a immunologist specialised in HIV and cancer. He is the person in charge to take care our content, to be 100% real and under scientific facts.

  • PREVIEW only members: HIV vs. Immune system

    Here you have a video we made to show HIV affects our immune system (without taking medication). Is in Spanish but we will make a version in English soon, our computers are rendering in High Quality, and this takes several days.   [wcm_restrict] [/wcm_restrict] [wcm_nonmember] This content is only available for Premium members and Crowdfunding
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  • Campaign in the Philippines

    Hello! During this days we had several meetings with our volunteers and members and soon we will start some campaigns to support some organisation in the Philippines. One of this campaigns is to provide some media content to show how it works the ARV (antiretrovirals) and how affects the medication to the viral load and
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  • San Francisco

    From January 8th until 22nd we will be in San Francisco filming some interviews, if you want be interviewed or being part of the production team in San Francisco send us an email at hivuncovered@gmail.com. We wait for you!

  • Lot of work!

    Finishing the script, fixing interviews in Sweden, Spain, USA, France and Rusia. Lot of things to do but excited because will be the definitive documentary about HIV.

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the official website of the documentary “HIV UNCOVERED”. We are working with the website but you can write us at hivuncovered@gmail.com Thank for your support.

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